600FPS high speed DVCam CASIO EXILIM PRO EX-F1 [PC]

Great great digital camera is now on sale from CASIO. This small digital camera (or may say DVCAM) can record images in 600 FPS (frame per second).

I'm using this camera to record my golf swing; I guess it can be applied to various sports e.g. baseball, tennis and football.

600 FPS was only for professional camcorder only several years ago. It was a fortune to buy one of them, the golf school which had those super fast camcorder was always full. I also went to those golf lesson to get my swing shooted with 300FPS camera.

But now you can shoot slow motion picture of your swing by yourself! And it's just over $1K (USD)! This is a INVENTION. I couldn't imagine having these kind of high speed camera within my pocket money.

Just to get more image of what this camera can do, please visit the CASIO web site and you'll see the sample movies taken by EX-F1.

Enjoy the special site of EX-F1 by CASIO [exclamation]
(Sorry the site is in Japanese)

CASIO デジタルカメラ EXILIM (エクシリム) PRO EX-F1 ブラック EX-F1BK

CASIO デジタルカメラ EXILIM (エクシリム) PRO EX-F1 ブラック EX-F1BK

  • 出版社/メーカー: カシオ
  • メディア: エレクトロニクス

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