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Technet Plus Direct Subscription campaign [Good Deals]

Related to the Windows Server 2008 launch wave, Technet plus subscription package is now in huge discount campaign! 40% off from original price. (Originally 39K but now 23K for first year)

You can go to the registration site ( from here and just enter the campaign code listed on the HeroesEvaluateHere site.

By the way, this campaign ends on June 30th so if you're planning to evaluate this, you've better hurry. (If you subscribe till June 30th, you can use them for a year from the time you started subscription.)

For those of you not familiar with Technet plus Direct subscription please refer to

If you have more than one PC and need to evaluate Windows, Office and other server products, you can download an ISO image of these latest product to burn to DVD and install then evaluate. It's really reasonable price if you have several PCs and have environment to burn DVD. But please make sure the Technet subscription's term and condition of use and respect its copyrights!

#Hey, this campaign will end in Jun 30th! You've gotta hurry if you need Technet Direct Plus Subscription in reasonable price. [るんるん]

Just give it a try for "Tsukemen" at Nakameguro [gourmet]

Fujiyama Noodle shop - フジヤマ製麺

Tasty noodle shop in Nakameguro! I guess it's No.1 in Meguro area, especially "Tsukemen" type of noodle is there best recommended menu. "Tsukemen" is not the typical noodle and thus soup and noodle is served seperately. You dipp in the noodle in the soup and eat. The Yuzu orange soup is so delicious!! [るんるん]

Beautiful cherry blossom viewing spot [Sight seeing]

Hama Rikyu Park

Hama Rikyu Park is in lower south area of Tokyo, very close to Shiodome or Shinbashi, even close from Ginza. This national park is not so big but beautiful in cherry blossom seasons.

This picture was taken last year when we visited Hamarikyu park in end of March I guess, cherry blossom was just full bloom and wonderful.
As you see from this picture, Shiodome area (redevelopment district and has nice shopping malls and restraunts etc.) is so close you can easily walk from several subeay station.

Hamarikyu Park is famous not only for cherry blossom but you can enjoy various trees and flowers every season accordingly. Ponds and Japanese house to enjoy Japanese tea ceremony is also interesting for foreigners I think. I often take guests from our HQ in seattle or foreign guests to Hamarikyu with lunch boxes bought in Ginza area!

As mentioned above, you can experience Japanese tea ceremony in 500 yen (may be a little more expensive right now)
This is also taken in the same place in the same season but as you see, flower bed of full bloomed coleseed is so beautiful, isn't it.

Ninna Nanna baby carrier [Baby]

babycarry2.jpg One of our friend more experienced in raising children (she has 2 kids) introduced us this "Ninna nanna" baby carrier, which is I guess reasonable by means of
- You can use it vertically, horizontally, huggy and piggyback either way!
- You can use them just after baby is born and to 30 month (approx when child is 15kg). You can use them for long time!
- Japanese company "Combi" made. (I'm not saying Made in Japan is best but you can say its enough for comfort)
- Not so expensive, about 12K yen in

I just found out that it is also introduce in as "Unique gifts from Japan" You should take a look!
#Sorry the baby isn't in the carrier. Our 20 years old cat is sitting on behalf...)

ニンナナンナ マジカルコンパクト ファースト SK-V ライトブラック

ニンナナンナ マジカルコンパクト ファースト SK-V ライトブラック

  • 出版社/メーカー: NINNA NANNA
  • メディア: Baby Product

Baby Bjorn - our child loves it [Baby]

babybyorn.jpg Baby Bjorn Baby Sitter 1-2-3 is our child's favorite! Many of you may already know but this baby sitter 1-2-3 is famous for baby stop crying just after putting them on the seat. The seat itself is bouncy and it rocks back and forth on baby's own weight. I guess the pendulum swings and its frequency of vibration is just so comfortable for small child. I don't know whether Baby Bjorn has done precise calculation for product development but I'm sure this frequency means somthing for the child.

babybjorn2.jpg I'm sure you can find them in Yahoo! shopping or Rakuten shopping and Amazon. The biggest problem is its price though, it costs 20K yen.... I think it's half the price if you buy it in the mainland. [たらーっ(汗)]

Can someone help me improve my golf swing [Golf]

I've started to play golf a year ago, but I've never been to lessons. I learned golf on my own referencing golf magazines such as golf digest and also pretty fond of watching golf channel or golf networks on CATV.

I've got a new digital camera which can take movies as well (not quite good compared to the exclusive DV Cam). I and my friend went to driving range to take movies of our golf swing. Is there anyone who can make advise on how we can improve our swing? English/Japanese comments are both very welcome!

Video: My Golf Swing

Baby Bath [Baby]

babybath.jpg Baby bath we just rent came to our house. Most of these baby (infants) goods are only used for several month, it would be more reasonable renting rather than purchasing, as well as ecological point of view. We rent baby goods (baby bath and baby bed) from internet shop below, you can find so many rental shops if you search on google. ( )

As for baby bath, it only costs approx 3000 yen to rent 3 month, for baby bed 12K yen for a year. Isn't it reasonable? You also can ask for catalogue and order thru phone or fax but I guess its much easier on internet.

タグ:Baby bath rental

Doraemon from our office building [Others]

1624348 Doraemon (Japanese famous comic character) is flying! I've seen this from our office building may be 5 years ago. Does anyone know where this place is? (Hint : very close to one of the most major park in Tokyo)


Office Personal and Outlook [PC]

I guess many of us buying PC in retail store has "Microsoft Office Personal" pre-installed. But have you ever used Outlook (not outlook express) to read your mail? I think most of us are used to Web mail (such as Hotmail or Gmail) or POP3 mail which is by default for most of the internet service providers.

However, if you have Outlook installed (which is part of Office Personal or above edition) and install "Microsoft Office Outlook Connector" you can use Hotmail (or Livemail) in Outlook! I'm not telling you that you can used them as POP3. You can use Hotmail as MAPI (Messaging Aplication Program Interface) ! It's quite difficult for you to imagine how convenient or useful to use MAPI rather than POP3. For more information on what MAPI is referring to Wikipedia might help.

Anyway, Hotmail and Outlook (not Outlook Express) with the connector below enables you MAPI environment in you PC. This WILL significantly increase your productivity in daily e-mails. It best benefits you when you are reading that mail from multiple devices (e.g. another laptop, mobile device) but even if you only have a single PC you will be comfortable using MAPI environment and you will never be able to get back to POP3, I'll guarantee!

Now, Microsoft has announced discount of Windows Vista SP1 but they are also on heavy sales promotion of Office 2007 Personal edition. Limited upgrade package is available just 9980 yen! Please refer to the official announcement of limited Office 2007 disount plan.

By the way, you can buy this limited package at Amazon too.

Our first baby [Baby]

Yes, this is what made me start blogging all after my idleness. Our first baby was born this March in Toho hospital below, we named her "Sakurako" since the cherry blossom was so beautiful around Megurogawa. Sakura means cherry blossom and "ko" means child in Japanese. I will post some photos at some stage to record her progress of growth. I will also introduce tips to raise children here in Japan which might be also useful for foreigners living in Japan. I hope these information may help in any way.


タグ:Baby Hospital
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