Blogging with X61 [PC]

Just as I wrote in previous blog article, I bought X61 from Lenovo direct store and now using for blogging machine every day. I added 2GB RAM to make it 3GB in total, Windows Vista Basic edition is working very fine! [黒ハート]

The good thing about this machine is
1. Size and weight - B5 size and 1.4kg in total! You can carry them to your biz trip or bring it to cafe to write blog articles at night
2. Tough body - I think Thinkpad is one of the most tough Laptop I've ever used. I've experienced other hardware vendor's machine but Thinkpad is the best I've ever had.
3. Fingerprint authentication function and password manager - You can manage various password for bunch of Website and services you use. You can set complicated pass phrases if you use this password manager (since you don't have to remember it), security level for your ID will significantly increase.

Additionaly, below is my spec of X61;
Vista Home Basic SP1 (32bit)
Core2Duo T7500 @2.2GHz
MEM 3GB DDR2 SO-DIMM (1GB + 2GB added)
GPU Mobile Intel 965 (G965)
HDD WD1600BEVS (160GB 5400rpm 2.5inch)

Vista Experience Index score is 3.4

3D GPU score is 3.4 but processor is 5.1, RAM is 4.8 and HDD is 4.9. So it's really good performance for mobile laptop is you disable Windows Aero (which is not included in Vista Basic).

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7250/1G/80/XP/12.1 7675A63

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7250/1G/80/XP/12.1 7675A63

  • 出版社/メーカー: Lenovo
  • メディア: Personal Computers

You know, we tend to put same passwords for various websites if you have to remember them ALL.... That's a nightmare. I really think this is the most wanted solution on every PC not only laptop but on desktop computers too!

If you're using X61 and have some problem, this WIKI will help you solve the problem regarding Thinkpad series.

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Place to Jog in Setagaya Tokyo [Others]

Setagaya Park

My daily duty is to jog for about 90mins (approx 10km) every day except when raining. I'm on a diet to loose wait and started a year ago but still keeping the pace :) Setagaya park is one of my favorate place to jog around, there are baseball field, tennis court etc and you can enjoy watching amatures playing baseball during the jogging. Next to Setagaya park is Japan Ground Self-Defence Forece (JGSDF) base and its row of cherry blossom trees are so beautiful! You can enter the JGSDF base in cherry blossom seasons!
Negative ions and phytoncide from the trees will make you so healthy...there aren't many places in middle of Tokyo where you can jog in the woods. If you are living close to Setagaya Park, you should visit al least once. There are baseball field, tennis court you can rent (though there would be a drawing) and open air swimming pool in summer. And the feature of the park is a small railway running around the park (about 1.1 km circuit) [電車]and small kids and their parents are in line in the weekends! I'm sure small kids will love this [るんるん]

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Baby buggy <Quinny Zapp> [Baby]

We wavered over choosing baby buggy for our child... there were 2 choice.
One is Air Buggy which is 3-wheel type buggy made in Japan. The second one is Quinny Zapp which is also 3-wheel buggy but a little smaller than Air Buggy. The biggest difference was its tire, Air Buggy has real tire like a bicycle with a air in it, which makes the ride so confortable on rough roads or bumps at the sidewalks. However, we actually saw both buggy and chose Quinny Zapp finally.

The reason is its size. Air Buggy is just too big for Japan. It may be OK if you are living in other countries or some province where the aisle and gateways are wide. But everything in Japan is small and narrow as you already know. Air Buggy is I guess the most comfortable buggy for children but just the size... it doesn't fit for Japanese cities.

Anyway, we bought Quinny Zapp and added Maxi-Cosi, a small cradle you can put on while child is 0 to 12 month.
The red one is the additional cradle (Maxi-Cosi), it can be putted on Quinny but it also becomes car seat.

Oh, some Japanese may say "Baby Car" (..Japanese english) but they mean baby buggy. They may also say "Child seat" instead of car seat. I guess you get through it but just in case!

Quinny ZAPP 2008 ザップ シトロ

Quinny ZAPP 2008 ザップ シトロ

  • 出版社/メーカー: Quinny
  • メディア: Baby Product

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