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Free Windows shared hosting service by First Server ! [Good Deals]

Japanese Web hosting company called "First Server" (Microsoft Gold Certified partner) started free windows hosting service for personal usage.

You cannot use them for commercial use but you would find out the service to be satisfactory such as;


  • 100 MB space for Web
  • 100 MB space for Database
  • Windows Server 2003 R2
  • SQL Server 2005
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • M3 Blog pre-installed (MT like application on .NET Framework)
  • (Original domain name optional)

But please be careful that you CANNOT use email on this server. Please refer to functional list (Sorry in Japanese)


Can you imagine Windows Server and SQL server for FREE. I don't know other Windows hosting environment which is free. Most of the cheap hosting servers are on Linux / FreeBSD, it is pretty rare on Windows since they charge SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) fee for First Server. I don't think Microsoft Japan is making any discount for First Server so I'm not sure how they manage to profit from this service, but anyway it's totally free for us.


I know it's more popular to use PHP or Ruby for Web scripting, but if you are trying to learn ASP.NET it may be a good choice to try and test your Windows application.

I love coding on Windows / .NET Framework since it's much easier to write managed code secure using Visual Studio. Expression Web and Expression studio may also help creating rich web application on Windows Server.

Microsoft has been behind on Web server area, but as seen in recent Yahoo! deal, they are serious on catching up on Web strategy. I'm sure they will be doing anything they can to gain share on internet web server, it will be good chance to get used to ASP.NET.


By the way, is a fantastic site to start learning "Internet Information Services" (IIS) and ASP.NET programming. IIS6.0 and IIS7.0 currently supports PHP too and its performance is on par with Apache/PHP.

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Technet Plus Direct Subscription campaign [Good Deals]

Related to the Windows Server 2008 launch wave, Technet plus subscription package is now in huge discount campaign! 40% off from original price. (Originally 39K but now 23K for first year)

You can go to the registration site ( from here and just enter the campaign code listed on the HeroesEvaluateHere site.

By the way, this campaign ends on June 30th so if you're planning to evaluate this, you've better hurry. (If you subscribe till June 30th, you can use them for a year from the time you started subscription.)

For those of you not familiar with Technet plus Direct subscription please refer to

If you have more than one PC and need to evaluate Windows, Office and other server products, you can download an ISO image of these latest product to burn to DVD and install then evaluate. It's really reasonable price if you have several PCs and have environment to burn DVD. But please make sure the Technet subscription's term and condition of use and respect its copyrights!

#Hey, this campaign will end in Jun 30th! You've gotta hurry if you need Technet Direct Plus Subscription in reasonable price. [るんるん]

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X61 discounts again... [Good Deals]

I just bought new laptop PC from Lenovo Thinkpad. I've been fan of Thinkpad from X20 days and I've used X20, X31 and X40. Now I found good deals of X61 so I just bought it last month from Lenovo direct store. The specs are
- Vista Basic
- Intel Core2Duo T7500 (2.2GHz)
- 1GB Mem
- 160GB HDD
- 1.42kg
and I added 3 years warranty option and it was just over 130K yen. (If you only need 1 year warranty it will be 119K yen)

Hey, what do you say about this price! B5 portable laptop from IBM! It was supposed to be limited to 1000 units deal so I made up my mind at speed and bought them.

How ever, they (Lenovo) did it again....they started another 1000 unit limited offer again for X61. (T61 series is also in sales promotion price)

If you ar looking for B5 portable business laptop, I think this is a supre good deal. (Even compared to DELLs cheap and nasty)

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7300/1024/120/XP/12TFT)T 76754BJ

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7300/1024/120/XP/12TFT)T 76754BJ

  • 出版社/メーカー: Lenovo
  • メディア: Personal Computers

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How far do you know about T-card? [Good Deals]

Tcard.pngI just wrote about Tsutaya discount program this week end. Related to this topic how far do you know about T-card (card to rent DVD/CD in Tsutaya)? You can use them (use or charge) in Family Mart! 1pt will be charged per 100 yen.
You can find shops you can utilize this T-card. Number of affiliate partners are still small but you can save (charge) 1% everytime you use them.

Additional information,
if you register your T-card at this web site, you can manage your T-points and e.g. exchange points with Rakuten (either way).

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Tsutaya (Rental DVD/CD shop) now 50% discount! [Good Deals]

I guess most of you know rental DVD/CD shop Tsutaya. Do you have it close to where you live?
Good News! Starting today (Apr11/08) to Apr13, all the old titles are 50% discount for rental!
You don't have to download any coupons or access to any site using mobile, you just have to go to the shop and old titles are 50% off. They are doing this to get new memberships since many people start there new life from April due to employment, entrance to upper schools and thus generates demand of new membership. (Tsutaya membership card is only valid in the shop they issued. So if you move to new place you have to get new membership card in order to use Tsutaya in that region.)

By the way, head quarter of Tsutaya is in Ebisu (next to Shibuya in Yamanote line)

See in large map

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