600FPS high speed DVCam CASIO EXILIM PRO EX-F1 [PC]

Great great digital camera is now on sale from CASIO. This small digital camera (or may say DVCAM) can record images in 600 FPS (frame per second).

I'm using this camera to record my golf swing; I guess it can be applied to various sports e.g. baseball, tennis and football.

600 FPS was only for professional camcorder only several years ago. It was a fortune to buy one of them, the golf school which had those super fast camcorder was always full. I also went to those golf lesson to get my swing shooted with 300FPS camera.

But now you can shoot slow motion picture of your swing by yourself! And it's just over $1K (USD)! This is a INVENTION. I couldn't imagine having these kind of high speed camera within my pocket money.

Just to get more image of what this camera can do, please visit the CASIO web site and you'll see the sample movies taken by EX-F1.

Enjoy the special site of EX-F1 by CASIO [exclamation]
(Sorry the site is in Japanese)

CASIO デジタルカメラ EXILIM (エクシリム) PRO EX-F1 ブラック EX-F1BK

CASIO デジタルカメラ EXILIM (エクシリム) PRO EX-F1 ブラック EX-F1BK

  • 出版社/メーカー: カシオ
  • メディア: エレクトロニクス

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Portable DVD player with one-segmentation broadcasting tuner [PC]

I've been in hospital for 2 month...I had hard time burn away time in bed, I'm sure anyone who has experience staying in hospital understand my feeling.[たらーっ(汗)]

My room was quadruple-occupancy so there was no TV nor radio in my bed. I'm not sure whether hospital in US or other countries are similar to that of Japan but it is quite popular that there aren't no TV in multiple occupancy rooms.

I guess my wife felt sorry for me and bought me a small portable DVD player with one-segment TV tuner inside. PortableDVD.jpg

For those who don't know one-segment broadcasting (TV), this is a broadcasting method in Japan which enables us to watch TV on mobile phone or other mobile devices (e.g. car navigation system). Have you ever see anyone watching TV with there cell phone? You can see many of them in Tokyo, especially in starbucks or in train. This is super convenient and I can't do without it even for a day.

This portable DVD player can watch TV and of course watch DVD and listen CD. My wife rent "24" and "Lost" every week and brought to hospital. This saved my LIFE[exclamation×2]

This portable DVD player, Toshiba SD-P71DT is so small, the size is 190mm(Width)×39mm(Height)×148(Depth) and it weights only 750g. After I discharge from hospital, I bring them to oversea and domestic business trip. I don't watch TV but I use them to watch DVD in hotel! I can rent DVD in Tsutaya before I get on to business trip and enjoy foreign drama after work. You should take a look when you come to Japan! (especially the one-segmentation broadcasting. Can you imagine people watching TV on their super small cell phone!?)

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Let's spread FireFox3 - the best internet browser! [PC]

Let's join in our mission to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in 24 hours!
Firefox3 is my favorite, most advanced internet browser in the world! Let's participate in this memorial event!

Download Day

Don't you think the banner is so cute?

Firefox3 made guinness record for 24 hours download! Congratulation!!

However, there is issue installing in Thinkpad X61 but it is a known issue. Please refer to KB below;
It says "Chrome registration fails" due to incompatibility with Lenovo Password manager but it doesn't have any problem using Firefox3 on Thinkpad. (You cannot use password manager though)

Thanks again for the cooperation!

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Another blog site of Akihabara (Akihabara Blog) [PC]

Let me introduce another Akihabara information blog site targeting Akihabara's pop-culture and Japanimation.
"Akiba Blog (アキバBlog)
This is a little more adult-oriented Akihabara information site, please be careful before you watch.
(Original Japnese site is here

It's interesting that mosaic to protect portrait rights comes from Japanimation called "Ghost in the Shell - Stand Alone Complex" (The laughing man)


By the way, Ghost in the Shell will be renewed by Spielberg and released in July 12th in Tokyo, Osaka.

The official site of "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" is announce to be here but it still doesn't exist. I need to keep watching! I just can't wait till the release of this fantastic movie!!

攻殻機動隊S.A.C. TRILOGY-BOX (Blu-ray) (初回限定生産)

攻殻機動隊S.A.C. TRILOGY-BOX (Blu-ray) (初回限定生産)

  • 出版社/メーカー: バンダイビジュアル
  • メディア: Blu-ray

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Blogging with X61 [PC]

Just as I wrote in previous blog article, I bought X61 from Lenovo direct store and now using for blogging machine every day. I added 2GB RAM to make it 3GB in total, Windows Vista Basic edition is working very fine! [黒ハート]

The good thing about this machine is
1. Size and weight - B5 size and 1.4kg in total! You can carry them to your biz trip or bring it to cafe to write blog articles at night
2. Tough body - I think Thinkpad is one of the most tough Laptop I've ever used. I've experienced other hardware vendor's machine but Thinkpad is the best I've ever had.
3. Fingerprint authentication function and password manager - You can manage various password for bunch of Website and services you use. You can set complicated pass phrases if you use this password manager (since you don't have to remember it), security level for your ID will significantly increase.

Additionaly, below is my spec of X61;
Vista Home Basic SP1 (32bit)
Core2Duo T7500 @2.2GHz
MEM 3GB DDR2 SO-DIMM (1GB + 2GB added)
GPU Mobile Intel 965 (G965)
HDD WD1600BEVS (160GB 5400rpm 2.5inch)

Vista Experience Index score is 3.4

3D GPU score is 3.4 but processor is 5.1, RAM is 4.8 and HDD is 4.9. So it's really good performance for mobile laptop is you disable Windows Aero (which is not included in Vista Basic).

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7250/1G/80/XP/12.1 7675A63

レノボ・ジャパン ThinkPad X61 (T7250/1G/80/XP/12.1 7675A63

  • 出版社/メーカー: Lenovo
  • メディア: Personal Computers

You know, we tend to put same passwords for various websites if you have to remember them ALL.... That's a nightmare. I really think this is the most wanted solution on every PC not only laptop but on desktop computers too!

If you're using X61 and have some problem, this WIKI will help you solve the problem regarding Thinkpad series.

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Office Personal and Outlook [PC]

I guess many of us buying PC in retail store has "Microsoft Office Personal" pre-installed. But have you ever used Outlook (not outlook express) to read your mail? I think most of us are used to Web mail (such as Hotmail or Gmail) or POP3 mail which is by default for most of the internet service providers.

However, if you have Outlook installed (which is part of Office Personal or above edition) and install "Microsoft Office Outlook Connector" you can use Hotmail (or Livemail) in Outlook! I'm not telling you that you can used them as POP3. You can use Hotmail as MAPI (Messaging Aplication Program Interface) ! It's quite difficult for you to imagine how convenient or useful to use MAPI rather than POP3. For more information on what MAPI is referring to Wikipedia might help.

Anyway, Hotmail and Outlook (not Outlook Express) with the connector below enables you MAPI environment in you PC. This WILL significantly increase your productivity in daily e-mails. It best benefits you when you are reading that mail from multiple devices (e.g. another laptop, mobile device) but even if you only have a single PC you will be comfortable using MAPI environment and you will never be able to get back to POP3, I'll guarantee!

Now, Microsoft has announced discount of Windows Vista SP1 but they are also on heavy sales promotion of Office 2007 Personal edition. Limited upgrade package is available just 9980 yen! Please refer to the official announcement of limited Office 2007 disount plan.

By the way, you can buy this limited package at Amazon too.

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PC DIY Memories [PC]

One of my favorite hobby is PC DIYing and I often go to Akihabara to look around for PC parts in need (Mainly window-shopping though). Memories such as DDR2 800 JEDEC is very important parts when building solid and stable PC, I always have hard time choosing the best memory in reasonable price. One of my recommendation shop is PC Ark ( in Akihbara, which has great advantage in SANMAX memory. Sanmax memory the OEM memory vendor using reliable memory modules such as Elpida, Micron and Hynix and its warranty is practical.

In addition, PC Ark is also famous for its line-up of PC Games (mainly imported games from US). I'm not a great fan of FPS games but I used to play one of the most major MMORPG FFXI for about 2 years. I'm not playing it right now but I may come back to Siren server if anyone asks me to :)

PC shop ark is in Akihabara but is closer from Suehiro-cho station (Ginza subway line)

See in large map

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