Reasonable short golf course for practice [Golf]

I love playing golf but it is too EXPENSIVE to play in Japan. I used to play $15 for a round in California, but here in Japan you need more than $150 to enjoy golf in main course. (If you want to play in holidays you need $200 or more...)


So I won't be able to play so often here in Japan, I visit short course in Funabashi (about 1 hour from Tokyo by car) to practice and play.

"Little Green Valey Golf range & short course (LVG)" is really good place to practice. It's only about $50 to practice in golf range & also can play in short course for a day! (Only in weekdays. Costs 20% more in holidays)

What's good about this LVG is that the course is maintained by Funabashi CC staff (One of the famous golf course in Chiba pref) and though it is a short course, the green & fairway condition is fantastic!

You can see the price list below!



There is also a golf school. It's about $200 for 8 lessons.



Now, this is the map of LVG. The upper right golf range is the LVG range. Lower left side is the short course. And lower right side you can see the Funabashi Country Club right next to LVG.


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Can someone help me improve my golf swing [Golf]

I've started to play golf a year ago, but I've never been to lessons. I learned golf on my own referencing golf magazines such as golf digest and also pretty fond of watching golf channel or golf networks on CATV.

I've got a new digital camera which can take movies as well (not quite good compared to the exclusive DV Cam). I and my friend went to driving range to take movies of our golf swing. Is there anyone who can make advise on how we can improve our swing? English/Japanese comments are both very welcome!

Video: My Golf Swing

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