No.1 ramen (noodle) shop near Nakameguro - Shrimp wrapped in dough [gourmet]

About 15 minutes walk from Nakameguro station, there is a ramen (noodle) shop called "Yakumo". Their "Sio-Ebi-Wantan-Men" (Salty shrimp wrapped in dough) is my No.1 ramen in Tokyo area.

This shop used to be closer to Nakameguro station in the local shopping avenue (Meguro Ginza) but moved to current location about a year ago. It's a bit far from my house so I take a bicycle everytime.

My recommendation is of course, a "Sio-Ebi-Wantan" noodle but you can choose soy sauce flavor too and it is also good[るんるん]

There is a huge noodle shop database in Japan called "Ramen Database"
It's only in Japanes but I don't know any noodle shop that isn't registered in this database. It's that exhaustive and so useful.

"Yakumo" database is listed here;
as you can see, most of them score them above 90 points out of hundred.

You just can enjoy the photo of the noodle served here,
I guess you can imagine how good it is and useful even if you don't read Japanese [わーい(嬉しい顔)]

Noodle Yakumo

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Sweet bun that makes you happy [gourmet]

Let me introduce you a very famous sweet bun in Mishuku (Setagaya) area. It's called "A sweet bun that makes you happy". If you see the photo of the bun below, I think you'll understand what I'm saying.
(Smileys on the bun!)

In Japanese we call them "Cream Bread" but I know its a Japanese English word and native speakers won't understand. This Cream Bread is a sweet bun with a sweet cream inside the buns. We call them "Cream Bread (Cream Pan)" in Japanese.

Here is the official website of the bakery.
(They take internet orders too. )

The map to the store is here, it's not far from Sangen-chaya, Ikejiri Ohashi which is 1 stop by train from Shibuya station.

See in large map

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Patisserie Potager [gourmet]

Very famous pastry here in Nakameguro, with so many people in que every day to buy cakes. "Potager" sells cakes made from vegitables and less sugar. So its not sweet at all, sometimes even bitter or acrid but SO many people are in line. One of the reason is that many town magazines introduced this shop as "cool/fashionable" shop in Nakameguro area. My opinion is that cake should be SWEET or els it won't be any treat for me. But if you are on diet and want to loose weight but want some sweets (actually its not sweet thought), Potager may help you a lot. I'm not a big fan but my wife, my mother and other female member of our family is a big fan of this patisserie. I think it's very appealing sweets for women. Yes it does has clear value proposition and differentiates from other patisserie.

パティスリー ポタジエ

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Just give it a try for "Tsukemen" at Nakameguro [gourmet]

Fujiyama Noodle shop - フジヤマ製麺

Tasty noodle shop in Nakameguro! I guess it's No.1 in Meguro area, especially "Tsukemen" type of noodle is there best recommended menu. "Tsukemen" is not the typical noodle and thus soup and noodle is served seperately. You dipp in the noodle in the soup and eat. The Yuzu orange soup is so delicious!! [るんるん]

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